Monday, October 6, 2008

More Free Princess Coloring Pages

Well, it’s been a good day so I got together a couple more princess coloring pages. Free and printable! Just for you! Ain’t I wonderful?...

I’m really getting into it. The girl inside is waking up and wants some serious coloring. The whole elaborate gown thing is coming back like a torrent.

So, what to do with these pictures? Well, naturally first you have to print them. Just right click on the picture and select print. Or you can download them and then print.

Let me know what other coloring pages you would like to see. I plan to put out more pictures about once a week or so. Some days I’m more inspired than others…

And of course, don’t forget – for a fun coloring experience you need a good set of pencils, crayons and markers. I’m sure the imagination is already there. Some people are so creative, it boggles my mind the kind of amazing projects they make from simple coloring pages. Greeting cards are one good example. I’ve seen people print a coloring page onto different color pages, and then glue on stars, fabrics and various other crafty little thingies. I shall post some links here at a later day. But for starters, a lady over at this site has some amazingly creative ideas. Check out the link I provided to see the art form she created from a simple coloring page printed of the internet. (I’m not affiliated with her in any way. I’m just blown away by her creativity.)

A little background on the pictures below.

This princess has a layered dress. And each can be colored a different colour! I thought there was something inspiring about a simple top with an elaborately layered skirt. Yet it surprisingly feels light and airy…

Remember I told you that a princess coloring page is all about the hair? I meant it. I have yet to find a popular princess image without long luscious hair. This one has a bit of a Celtic feel to it, don’t you think?

So print them up, as many copies as you like, and have a ball!

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