Monday, February 16, 2009

Barbie Princess Coloring Pages

The most popular doll of all time is of course Barbie. And among her many alter egos there of course is a princess. Therefore, in honor of Barbie’s 50’s birthday I’m happy to present you with princess Barbie coloring pages!

I just love the flower details on the gown. This can be shaded in so many different ways!. Though I think I sea it as black background with golden flowers, to match the hair. Metallic gold crayons would work wonders here. But that’s just me. You may think of gazillion other combinations. Don’t be shy to experiment. These coloring pages are free printables – if you don’t like the results, reprint and do it again!

A princess on the balcony… Is there anything more romantic?

Her royal highness and her cat.

I think that with this crown Barbie looks way more than a princess. She looks like a queen! Just look at the huge diamond at the center!

By the way, I just noticed that on all four pictures there is a rose on her chest. Did you know that the ancient Greeks and Romans identified the rose with the goddess of love? It really suits our princess, don’t you think?

For more coloring pages of Barbie check out the Barbie Coloring Pages site. It has many wonderful pictures to print and color.


ninamint said...

Thank you for your beautiful & inspiring blog. My princess obsessed girls are in ecstasies & transports over their coloring pages. You are a treasure! xo

Meg said...

I love your coloring pages, especially the traditional, rather than commercialized pictures. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi I use them as digital stamps are you going to post up any more?

Amazing Flower said...

wow you have a wonderful talent in making cartoon character. Singapore Florist

Anonymous said...

i like barbie :D

Christi said...

Could you tell me how to print them please? Thanks!

Special Info said...

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